Educating, integrating, and sustaining your best self through massage, always keeping the body in mind. 

I can trace the beginnings of my interest in bodywork back to age 14, when another dancer in a ballet class was experiencing a great deal of tension in her shoulders. The two of us sat down, and I helped her work through it, working on her shoulders and then her calves and feet.  Another dancer was experiencing a great deal of tension in her shoulders and I felt compelled to help by sitting down and massaging it out. I made such a difference that other dancers began to ask if I'd work on their calves and feet -- and soon, I regularly found a line of peers forming at the end of class, waiting for me to give them some relief. 

Over the course of 16 years as a pre-professional dancer, I experienced and sustained dozens of injuries: stress fractures, shin splints, several severely strained muscles and sprained ankles, hyperextended knee ligaments -- and all in addition to scoliosis. One injury, in particular, ended my dance career partially because the physical therapist I went to see wasn’t familiar with working on dancers and he had no idea how to help me. My hardship inspired me to pursue a career where I would be able to help all types of athletes recover from their injuries, teach them how to heal themselves, and help them maintain peak physical condition. At first I thought this meant becoming a better physical therapist, but once I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Integrative Physiology, I enrolled in massage school at 24 years old. As it turned out, this choice ended up being one of the most rewarding that I've ever made. 

So far in my career I’ve had opportunities to work with such professional USA Rugby affiliate teams as the Denver Barbarians and the Glendale Raptors Rugby Club, and the Denver Rugby 7s Tournament, as well as cycling endurance athletes, athletes participating in the USA Triathlon and Ironman, professional musicians from the Colorado Symphony and other internationally touring artists, professional dancers from Riverdance, and collegiate athletes from the University of Colorado -- Boulder track, football, soccer, and basketball teams. I’ve also worked with people recovering from acute injuries sustained while playing outside on the weekends or the trauma from reconstructive ankle and hip surgeries, as well as those who have had nagging issues for some time. I also have extensive knowledge and experience treating whiplash from recent and long-passed car accidents. 

My bodywork has been described as deep, specific, and highly therapeutic -- doubtlessly due in large part to my rigorous training at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. My teachers had a reputation for excellence among such clients as the performers of Cirque du Soleil, the Colorado Rapids Soccer Team, Olympic and world championship-competing runners and cyclists. I have been able to integrate techniques from their wonderful teachings, and even create some effective techniques of my own. 

Since graduating from massage school in 2011, I have made it a point to stay current in my education, as massage is an ever-evoking field - I dedicate my time to studying the newest techniques and refreshing old ones.

My mission from Day 1 has been to help relieve people from their pain and help them create better lives for themselves. This mission is only becoming more inspired as time passes and I'm able to fulfill it over and over again. My joy and satisfaction in helping others gives me purpose in life and a profound sense of gratitude for the trusted place I've earned within the Boulder-Denver community. 

Your healing is waiting.