"A top choice"

Jessica's depth of knowledge and skill makes her my top choice for orthopedic and sports recovery massage. Simply an outstanding massage therapist.

— Matt

“Jessica has extensive knowledge on the body."

I have been a regular client of Jessica's for almost a year, and have been more than impressed with her work. As a professional athlete she's kept me injury free, and made it possible to push the boundaries in my sport. Jessica has extensive knowledge of the way the body works, and is able to use that to loosen tight muscles, release pain, and prevent future injury. She is great at meeting my bodies needs on different days, and problem solving to work out different tweaks. She is very reliable, and timely, and will do as much as she can to cater to your needs.

— Nell

"SO grateful for this gem of a body worker. I am also a massage therapist, so I am picky. Her work is intentional on the table and continues to be helpful after your session. Jessica has the passion and the knowledge to really make a difference for you and your body!"

"She knew what to do."

Jessica is a wonderful massage therapist. She has helped me stave off a hip replacement for several years now. Once when I had a specific back pain and nobody else (chiropractor or doctor) knew what the problem was, she did, and also knew what to do about it. My son and I have been clients of hers for several years now and hope this will be the case for many more years.

— Linda

"By far the best!"

I have been seeing Jessica for over two years now. I originally started getting massage after ankle joint replacement surgery - had seen two other massage therapists prior to Jessica, she is by far the best! I would recommend her without reservation.




“Exceeded my expectations."

When I first went to Jessica I had a nagging hamstring injury that would come back every few months. Someone mentioned that I should try getting a massage so I made an appointment with Jessica. Despite having some level of skepticism, Jessica exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge coupled with her ability has put an end to my hamstring issue (knock on wood) and has helped me become a more efficient runner. If you are reading this and are considering getting a sports massage please give her a try...you will not be sorry!

— Matt

“Positive benefits"

My body always gets on the right track after a visit. Even a couple days later I still feel the positive benefits of the work that was done. Already looking forward to the next one! Thanks again!

— Tom

Very kind words from very happy clients

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