Bodywisdom Spain Congress

"Walking may be the most characteristic movement we humans make. The way each of us walks reveals our unique integration of neuromuscular patterns; the quality of our gait reflects the qualities of our entire body, and our entire being. 
It is this theme that united the distinguished speakers at the 2016 Bodywisdom Congress: “Walking Throughout Life," with all its varied connotations. Living connective tissue behaves in accordance to the qualities of its constituent cells, which move, bind, sense, and respond. In the same way, we as people respond to specific physical manipulations and techniques, and to practices like expressive movement and mindfulness. These methods can often immediately and visibly shifting the way we walk, and the way we walk through life itself."

This is a quote from Bibiana Badenes, the main organizer of and a contributor to the Bodywisdom Congress. Most of you have probably already heard that am raising money by enlisting the help of my community to make this a reality. Moral, emotional, and minimal financial support are all greatly appreciated. Your continued support for me, my career, and what I'm able to "bring to the table" - pun intended - make my work such a joy, and not work at all. I feel honored that you all trust me and, I continue to pledge to make myself a better massage therapist by pursuing opportunities like this. If you'd like to financially contribute even $1, here is the GoFundMe page!